TS Technik LLC
Maintenance and repair of aircraft and Western-made components
About us
TS Technik LLC is a dynamically developing company focused on maintenance and repair of aviation equipment and components produced by Western manufacturers. TS Technik LLC is a holder of a certificate issued by the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority in accordance with OTAR PART-145.

The company provides maintenance services for ATR 42-400 / 500 / 72-212A, Boeing 737-300 / 400/500, Boeing 737-700 / 800/900, Boeing 737-7 / 8/9 with CFM LEAP-1B engines,

as well as repair of batteries, brakes and wheels, water heaters and coffee machines, nozzles and communication equipment. Maintenance and repair of RECARO passenger seats, oxygen cylinders, ATR 72 wing leading edge, performing hydrostatic cylinder tests. Maintenance activities are carried out in the aircraft maintenance centers in Almaty. Ufa and Tyumen airport Roshchino, at linear stations in Surgut, Samara, Sochi,

Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk airport.

Provision of high quality services in the field of maintenance and repair of aviation equipment that meet the international requirements and standards, while offering competitive prices
Efficient engineering and technological support and planning of the maintenance and repair processes, which enables the company to perform the work using the minimum maintenance ground time
Systematic extension of the scope of activities of the company, which implies new types of serviced aviation equipment
The use of the modern software AMOS which has proved itself to be efficient while being used by the world leaders in the field of civil aviation
Self-analysis and qualitative improvement of the existing processes within the enterprise
Active cooperation with aviation educational institutions, specialized training centers and manufacturers of aviation equipment, which ensures sustainment of high proficiency of the personnel at TS Technik
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