Practical training
Gaining work experience is a must for every future graduate!
TS Technik LLC offers practical training at the company.
Opportunities during the practical training:
1. Application of theoretical knowledge in practice, gaining work experience in an aircraft maintenance company.

2. Understanding what the future work will consist in.

3. An opportunity to show one’s worth, an opportunity to join the ranks of professionals.
For taking a course of practical training at TS Technik LLC you should:
1. Contact an employee of the HR Department:, phone: (3452) 28-15-24 (Surgut, Tyumen),, phone: (347) 293-71-21 (Ufa).

2. Decide on the location where you are ready to take a course of practical training: Tyumen, Surgut or Ufa.

3. Send a letter of inquiry to our company concerning the course of practical training, with indication of the period, specialization, the year you are in.

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