Program for young specialists
TS Technik LLC has developed a program for systemic adaptation and development for young specialists. The duration of the program is 1 year.

The program makes it possible to join in the productive process easily, to find one’s bearings in the professional environment, understand the corporate culture of the company.
The following categories of graduates can take part in the program:
1. Persons who graduated from an educational institution of higher and secondary vocational education (intramural program) in the field of civil aviation with technical specialties or another educational institution with specialties related to machine building;

2. Persons at the age of up to 25 inclusive;

3. Persons not having labor experience in the acquired specialty, or persons with labor experience of up to three months in the specialty.
The program includes the key points of the development of a young specialist under the guidance of an instructor.
The entire program consists of three stages, at the end of each stage an assessment of knowledge and skills is performed.

If you want to take part in the competition within the framework of the "Young Specialist" program, please send your application to the following address:
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